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No paperwork & no personal credit checks to get started.
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up to $500k
up to $500k
no hidden fees
no hidden fees
no security required
no security required
flexible payment & terms
flexible payment & terms
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Finally, a common-sense
approach to business loans:

Simple, fast online application
Simple, fast online application
Securely link your online business account
Securely link your online business account
We review your revenue to instantly assess your business performance
We review your revenue to instantly assess your business performance
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How Small Businesses are using
Unsecured Business Loans

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What do you need
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Australian Registered Business
Registered Business
Online Bank Account
Online Bank
Min $60k Annual Turnover
Min $60k
Annual Turnover
6+ Months in Business
6+ Months in

Frequently Asked

An unsecured business loan is a small business loan that requires no collateral and utilises a financial product that lends against the cash flow of your business.

Funding can be as quick as 3 business days but is dependent on how quickly all supporting documentation and information is provided when requested.

No Collateral or Security is required and your application is assessed on your revenue. Loan approvals to small businesses are based on business fundamentals like cash flow, not based on the value of business assets.

For Ease, Automatic Daily or Weekly Fixed payments are set up so there are no large end of month due dates.

Your business should be trading for at least 6 months and have minimum turnover/sales of $5000 per month – although this is only a general rule.

For loans of $70k or less we you will need to complete the simple online business loan application and securely link your business bank statements.

For loans over $70,000 in addition to above we may require your last years completed financials and any other documentation requested by our credit team.

We often only need the money to cover a short fall or to take advantage of an immediate opportunity so why pay the money back over a long period? Our unsecured business loans have short terms so you can clear your loan and get back to business. Our short term business loans range from 3-12 months.

The cost of the loan is determined during the credit assessment after which you will be advised of how much you can borrow, repayments, any fees and interest. The interest rate for an unsecured business loan depends on the strength of the business, the experience of the owner (and credit rating), and the business’s operating cash flow. Always compare your loan options.

The interest rates are higher than traditional bank loans. Bank loans will generally be secured against an asset and they will only accept the best small businesses who have been trading for many years with a strong revenue history.

We lend based on your current cash flow and that comes with a certain risk. We have different types of loans available including unsecured business loans and a business line of credit.

Calculate business loan repayments.

  1. Purchasing Stock
  2. Renovating Your Business Premises
  3. Hiring Staff
  4. Opening New Stores / Locations
  5. New Marketing Campaigns
  6. General Working Capital
  7. Purchasing Equipment
  8. Unexpected Business Expenses
  9. Tax
  10. Trade Finance

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